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Carbon Cleaning Specialists In Stirling

Reliably Remove Soot Or Carbon From Your Engine

As well as a range of servicing & MOT and remapping services, J A G Auto Engineers Ltd are specialists in carrying out a range of carbon cleaning services to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle and lower exhaust emission levels. Get in touch with us today to speak with our professional mechanics and discuss how our  carbon cleaning services can benefit you.

Maintain The Efficiency & Reliability Of Your Engine

Tec4 Carbon Cleaning

In addition to using a range of treatments specific to your engines make and model, during your vehicle's service, we will also advise our customers on the benefits of taking advantage of our carbon cleaning services. With increasing age and mileage, contamination builds up on key components, such as the EGR valve, the lambda sensor and the VVT system, leading to a gradual drop in engine efficiency. We use tested and proven high quality Tec4 carbon cleaning machines and products to ensure a thorough and professional clean of your engine, successful removing unwanted gum, tar, varnish, soot and carbon from the inside of the engine, greatly improving the running performance and reliability of your engine.

mechanic jet washing car engine
clean carbon engine

Fuel System Cleaning

We strongly recommend that if you travel long distances or frequently drive your vehicle for long periods, you should always ensure your fuel systems are running at optimum capacity. We consider our fuel system cleaning service an essential part of our preventative maintenance measures. Vastly decreasing the chances of performance problems and mechanical damage in your vehicles engine, while increasing durability and longevity. If you have noticed a drop in engine performance this may be an indication that your fuel system needs a good clean. The great level of pride and attention to detail our expert mechanics deliver when applying our fuel system cleaning for our customers is truly second to none and the benefits of this for your engines running capabilities are noticeable, as if by magic.

Our carbon cleaning removes this harmful contamination and restores performance, reduces emissions and significantly improves fuel economy by as much as 10-15%. Simply get in touch with us to speak to a member of the team to find out more.

silver carbon engine

DPF Cleaning

EGR Valve Cleaning

Air Intake Cleaning

Fuel System Cleaning

What Our Customers Say

We feel we can always rely on John, Kathy and the team to provide a professional service with great customer care. Thanks again for looking after us and a range of challenging motors!

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Call 01786 430008 for  clearing out smog and dust from your engine with J A G Auto Engineers' carbon cleaning services

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