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Economy & Performance Re-mapping In Stirling

Tune Your Engine for Efficiency & Power

J A G Auto Engineers come well equipped to handle the re-mapping of your engine. Whether for the purpose of efficiency, power or a bit of both, we will work with you including test runs and diagnostics to ensure you get the results you are after. Get in touch with our specialists today to discuss how we can help you and arrange a visit to our location. 

Enjoy The Benefits Of Re-Tuning or Chipping Your Engine


Spend less time and money refuelling your vehicle and more time actually driving. Whether you drive long distances on a regular basis, or spend your day frequently driving to and from a given location,
J A G Auto Engineers can help. Worrying about having enough fuel for any type of journey is always going to be a nuisance. That said, we understand the importance of being able to feel assured that you can make it from point A to B and back again without having to worry about making sure you have your wallet or purse with you. With a seamless and effective re-mapping of your engine we can give you that level of confidence, knowing you are getting the most out of every pound per litre.

Sports Car in Storm


Many of us hear the term "re-mapping" and we instantly think of a vehicle speeding recklessly through the streets. Yet with re-mapping or re-tuning an engine this is actually not the case. Yes your vehicle can effectively become quicker and more responsive, but this also enables optimal efficiency of your vehicle, in-turn helping to save on costs. Optimising both power and torque at low to mid RPM gives improved throttle response with less flat spots and a smoother power delivery, all with less gear changes. This also means that your vehicle will require less fuel to travel the same distance, so in fact also improves the efficiency and environmental impact of your vehicle.

With our vehicle re-mapping services, you could potentially increase your vehicles BHP by as much as 30%, torque by up to 40-50% and fuel efficiency by up to 30%.


What Our Customers Say

First time here today. Had timing belt, water pump and auxiliary belt done and I could not be happier. The price was more than fair, and it was done within the day. The care taken with regards to my interior i.e. plastic put on my seat, card put down in footwell, great touch of customer care. Spoke with John over a few concerns I had before the work was started and straight away I was put at ease. He talked me through everything very clearly, and he was very polite & friendly! I can not recommend this garage enough and I will be back in the new year for my car to be serviced. Wishing you, your family and all the lads & lassies at the garage a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks again!

car interior showing speed dials and dashboard

ECU Re-mapping


ECU Tuning


Image by Olav Tvedt

Call JAG Auto Engineers on 01786 430008 to achieve your vehicles optimal efficiency and performance.

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